Let us introduce

The Villa Vina restaurant started operating in December 2022.
After more than two decades of experience, acquiring knowledge and skills,
we simply couldn't resist the vision we had and the challenge ahead.

The restaurant was opened with the aim of serving bold, global flavors to our local community and visitors.
So basically we focused on cooking with the best ingredients.

We gathered a creative and experienced team, primarily good people who love what they do
and we are proud of what we produce every day.

Our desire to treat guests like family is always the same,
and our seasonal flavors, wine and food are constantly changing.

Soon after opening we realized that guests have accepted this small space
and our Idea to make and serve delicious food was justified.

Restaurant Villa Vina

our idea


Food and wine pairing for your complete enjoyment and a new, different experience that you will always be happy to return to.

professional staff

Our professional staff will be happy to help you choose the tastiest, hedonistic bites.


Our environment is suitable for business meetings, family gatherings, as well as for a break from everyday activities.

Our team

goran patricevic

General Manager

nebojsa babuder

Executive Chef

Milan Tepavac

Head Waiter

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