Grilled Haloomi chese

Served on arugula with toasted bread and caramelized walnuts

550 rsd


Breaded rice balls topped with cheese on Sicilian sauce

550 rsd

Pate "La Cabana"

Duck liver pate with onion jam and aromatic butter

855 rsd

Smoked Sirloin Steak

Beef ramsteak dried on cherry wood and aged in olive oil

690 rsd

Cozze Gratinate

Mussels baked in the oven with olive oil, garlic and parmesan

690 rsd

Tuna Tatar

Fresh tuna with spices, guacamole and butter

1650 rsd

Appetizer Villa Vina

Two-year-old prosciutto, kalamata olives, beef prosciutto, hunter's sausage, grana padano, goat cheese from oil, sun-dried tomatoes

1490 rsd

Tatar Steak

Freshly chopped fillet steak with spices and butter

1855 rsd


Gourmet Broth

380 rsd

Pottage corn, ginger, celery

380 rsd

Pottage of the Day

390 rsd

Fish Broth

420 rsd


Bruschetta with tomatoes

390 rsd

Bruschette with ajvar and feta cheese

420 rsd

Bruschetta with wild mushroom

680 rsd

Bruschetta with guacamole-proscuitto

680 rsd

Napoleon Salad

Mix of green salads, rocket, apple, beetroot, gorgonzola, walnuts, dressing

950 rsd

Caesar Salad

Mix of green salads, arugula, tomato, pepper, cucumber, steak, parmesan

1150 rsd

Salad with Goat Cheese

Smix of green salads, goat cheese, dried tomatoes, capers, olives, sunflower, lemon

1200 rsd

Smoked fillet steak sallad

Mix of green salads, arugula, tomato, pepper, cucumber, steak, parmesan

1490 rsd


Gnocchi Carbonara

Gratinated gnocchi in cream sauce with pancetta

990 rsd

Gnocchi Pesto con Pollo

Gnocchi in cream sauce with chicken and basil pesto

1150 rsd

Linguine Quatro Formaggio

Linguine in a cream sauce of four tipes of cheese

1150 rsd

Torteline in Alfredo sauce

Paasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese in a cream sauce with nutmeg and parmesan

1100 rsd

Papparedelle with Truffles

Pasta with truffles made in butter

1550 rsd

Linguini with Clams-Vongola

Linguina with fresh clams, white wine and spices cooked in butter

1390 rsd

Pappardelle Ox Tails

Pappardelle with slow-cooked beef tails made in traditional Spanish way

1.750 rsd


Risotto with vegetables


Risotto with porcini mushrooms


Risotto with shrimps and zucchini in saffron sauce

1550 rsd

Risotto with spinach and king prawns

1550 rsd

Black Risotto with Squids

1470 rsd

Risotto Frutti di Mare

1690 rsd


Chicken with shrimps in cream sauce

It is served on grilled zucchini

1870 rsd

Crispy Prawns

Breaded king prawns served with vegetables and Asian bang bang sauce

1300 rsd

Perch fillet

Served with grilled zucchini and cherry tomatoes


Octopus in terracotta

Octopos from the oven with olives, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, white wine and spices

2650 rsd

Steak from the Oven

Thinly sliced fillet steak in mushroom porcini and truffle sauce,Served with stuffed potatoes

2950 rsd

Sea Bream Fillet

It is served on sateed vegetables with Mediteranian spices


Squid XXL

Marocan squid served on potatoes and sauteed spinach

2190 rsd

Marseille Bouiabez

A traditional French dish made from several types of fish and seefood,
served with roulli spread

3300 rsd


Serbian Cevapi

Home made beef kebabs served with stuffed potatoes

1150 rsd

Homemade sausage with cheese

It is served with cream-filled potatoes

1200 rsd

BBQ ribs

Ribs in barbecue sauce with stuffed potatoes


Veal Alla Chef

Suffice it to say that it takes 48 hours to prepare

2100 rsd

Mangulica Tomahawk 100g

Charcoal-grilled bone-in mangulica pork loin.Cut is about 500gr

530 rsd


Sirloin steak 300g

Charcoal-grilled sirloin steak

2100 rsd

Fillet steak 300g

Charcoal-grilled aged steak

2900 rsd

Rib Eye Steak 100g

Dry aged beef cut from rib prime section with rib bone attached. Cut is around 800g.

850 rsd


Sea Bass1kg

5900 rsd/Kg

Pagar 1kg

6700 rsd/Kg

Romb fish

7900 rsd/Kg

King prawns 100g

690 rsd

Clams- Vongola100g

480 rsd


Apple Crumble

Must try .

495 rsd

Chocolate kiss

Dark Belgian chocolate cake with white chocolate sauce, Bacardi rum orange segments, raspberry beads and strawberry coulis

495 rsd

Alpine strudla

Warm homemade pie with sautéed apples, vanilla cream, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

485 rsd

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